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Educational activity

Pedal Ponies

Back ground

Pedal Ponies first appeared in the 17th century but they were in parks all over France at the end of the 19th century.

When you were young, remember dreaming of being a cow boy, a horse rider, a brave knight or a sports champion ?

Indeed, the horse myth appears in all stories, for children as well as adults.

In the fifties, Pedal Ponies are everywhere…but then, little by little, they were replaced by pedal cars.

These days, not many parks have this activity, although it’s loved by children.

In fact, Pedal Ponies carts are still popular : they have just suffered the consequences of “galloping” modernization.

But in our era, natural values are coming back so this classic activity is having a real success.

Pedal Ponies, a mythic and original concept, a journey in time through play, pedagogy and pedals !

Pratical information

Pedal Ponies are hand-made and environmentally friendly, as they don’t cause pollution with fuel consumption.

This is an educational activity which suits a natural environment.

The team consists of a wooden or moulded fibre-glass horse and a single seat pedal car. All the equipment conforms to EU safety norms.

Each mount is equipped with a back pedaling braking system.

The sturdy material with an adjustable seat means the equipment can be adapted to the jockey’s morphology.

This activity helps to develop physical autonomy, coordination and a sense of responsability in children from 3 years old to 10 years old. 

1 ticket = 2€                       3 tickets = 5€

1 ticket = 5 minutes

Parents or guardian are entirely responsible for the children during this activity.