An adventure in complete safety!

Park equipped with the continuous lifeline!

Important: please, read the rules before coming to the park


The AccroZarbres park adheres to the safety and quality adventure charter. Each member undertakes to respect it, for everybody’s safety and well-being.

An annual inspection is carried out by an approved independent inspection body.

The trees used for the games are protected, and checked every year by a forestry expert.

The equipment for the practice of this activity is provided (harness, pulley and hook), and is guaranteed to current CE standards.

The equipment is fitted, and checked daily by ourselves.

The installations comply with European standards, and are verified daily.

At the beginning of each game, and throughout the circuits, there are explanotory signs wich allow you to evolve and become self-confident.

All the operators have been specially trained in this activity.

You are totally safe throughout the circuit with the continuous life line.